Former Quiz Kid Donnie Smith illustration and the Magnolia Meter project

The goal: 1. Illustrate each of the main characters in Magnolia in new ways that challenge and stretch my abilities. 2. Rate each of the characters on a 1 to 10 scale according to how empathetic they were in the film. 3. Use the Magnolia Meter to rate various politicians to just put it out  there that maybe we should judge our political representatives on whether or not they practice the golden rule rather than on how strong/powerful/rich/popular they are.

Those are the goals, anyway 😛 Two characters down, eight to go. The illustrated Magnolia Meter is still a work in progress and might get tweaked, characters bumped up or down still. And the politicians…can anyone name any politician as kind and empathetic as Phil Pharma?!! The only one that come to mind is Nelson Mandella…


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